Giovanni Aricò, Full professor

Former Full Professor of criminal law and procedure code at the University of Salerno (Italy).

Area of activity: criminal law.

Vincenzo Sanguigni, Full Professor

Full Professor of Economics and Business Management at the “Parthenope” University of Naple (Italy).

Qualified accountant, auditor.

Areas of activity: tax and fiscal law.

Mrs Paola Vella, Lawyer

Criminal law lawyer.

Area of activity: criminal law.

Mr Andrea Locatelli, Lawyer and Attorney

Lawyer for the Italian Higher Instance Court (Corte di Cassazione) – Roman Rota attorney.

On the attorney registry of the Apostolic Court of the Roman Rota.

As a Roman Rota attorney he performs his duties – both in the Italian ecclesiastical courts and in those of the Vatican City– especially for matters related to marriage annulment.

As a civil lawyer, he is specialised in family law, particularly with regard to marriage law, and presently – as in the past – he is member of the “Commissione Famiglia” (Family Committee) at the Bar association of Rome (Italy).

Areas of activity: canon and civil family law, marriage annulment at ecclesiastic level.

Mr Paolo Greco, Lawyer

  • 1996: law degree from the “Alma Mater Studiorum” University of Bologna (Italy).
  • 2000: full qualification as a lawyer.
  • 2013: full qualification as a lawyer for the Italian Higher Instance Court (Corte di Cassazione).

Areas of activity: criminal law, criminal company law.

Languages: Italian, English.