Civil Law

The Liparota Law Firm operates in all areas of civil law having acquired a consolidated experience in the field.

In particular, it provides legal assistance in any legal dispute related to any branch of civil law, with a specific competence in the area of commercial, contract, banking, insurance, civil liability, and credit recovery law.

In those areas the Liparota Law Firm provides advice both in judicial and extrajudicial as well as arbitration proceeding matters, offering to its customers its professionalism and competence.

The assistance is guaranteed in any proceeding, including before the Italian Higher Instance Court (Corte di Cassazione) and all the higher levels of national judiciaries.

In the “pre-action” stages, our assistance aims at allowing customers to make informed choices, even through the evaluation of costs and benefits, and of the procedural solution as compared to possibly feasible extrajudicial paths.

As a matter of fact, the Liparota Law Firm undertakes to grant its customers a consultancy based not only on the knowledge of any law matter, but also on the experience gained in the field and on common sense, whether this leads to avoid or to face a dispute proceeding.